Man, there is no way that Trump wants this to happen!

Courtesy of WaPo:

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) suggested Sunday that former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III may be invited to testify before his panel, although Graham did not give any details on the timing of any potential invitation.

Graham’s statement came one day after Mueller defended his office’s prosecution of Roger Stone, President Trump’s longtime friend and political adviser, in a Washington Post op-ed.

Trump commuted Stone’s 40-month prison sentence on Friday, using his presidential authority to undermine the unanimous finding by a jury that Stone broke the law multiple times by lying to Congress and obstructing justice.

In his statement Sunday, Graham suggested that he had reconsidered his position on allowing Mueller to testify in light of the former special counsel’s op-ed.

“Apparently Mr. Mueller is willing — and also capable — of defending the Mueller investigation through an oped in the Washington Post,” Graham said. “Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have previously requested Mr. Mueller appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about his investigation. That request will be granted.”

Man, Trump must be shitting bricks about this. 

Here he has been trying to discredit the Russian investigation for years and his golf buddy Lindsey Graham is giving the guy in charge of it the opportunity to explain why he was correct in pursuing it. 

I am not sure what Graham’s game is right now, because he has to know that Mueller is good at Senate testimony and will not be bullied or tricked into making any statements that might damage the integrity of his investigation. 

Hey, maybe Graham just recognizes that Trump’s days are numbered and wants to create space between them so he is not dragged down along with him in November. 

Stranger things have happened.