Wait, what?

Courtesy of CNN:

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday that he told the late Sen. John McCain to turn over the dossier of Trump-Russia allegations to the FBI, pushing back against President Donald Trump’s assertions that the Arizona Republican helped fan the flames of the Russia investigation.

Graham told CNN after a news conference that he told Trump in Florida this weekend that “Sen. McCain deserves better” than the way the President has been publicly disparaging the late senator and war hero in the last week. And Graham publicly acknowledged he had advanced knowledge of the dossier, the existence of which has enraged the President.

Graham defended McCain’s role and said that he told Trump that his close friend’s involvement was limited.

Graham said that he “was very direct” with Trump, and if Trump believes it was the McCain people who spread this, he’s right. There were some McCain people that took a piece of garbage and tried to go after Trump after the election.”

Graham added: “I told the President it was not John McCain. I know because John McCain showed me the dossier. And I told him the only thing I knew to do with it, it could be a bunch of garbage, it could be true, who knows? Turn it over to somebody whose job it is to find these things out and John McCain acted appropriately.”

Asked more about the matter later, Graham said he put the dossier in “a safe” the day he got it and turned it over to the FBI the next day.

“And I understand that, clearly people are in the McCain world that did some things inappropriate but it was not John McCain. John McCain did not give it to anybody in the press, he talked to me just as soon as he got it, and he turned it over to the FBI and that’s exactly what he should have done.

I have questions.

Like why didn’t Graham say something a lot earlier?

Trump has been dragging McCain’s corpse around for months now, and Graham has not said much of anything to defend his friend.

Also if Graham knew about the dossier and also as chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee he likely knows full well that the FBI investigation was started when George Papadopoulos started talking about Russian contacts with that Australian diplomat and not with the Steele dossier as he has been claiming recently. 

Currently, Graham is talking about investigating the FISA process used to get the subpoenas used by the FBI and Robert Mueller. 

On the plus side, Graham is also saying that he has asked Attorney General Bill Barr to testify publicly about the Mueller report and he has agreed to do so.