I always forget how much I hate reality shows.

But I really do. 

I know that Sunny and Levi did this solely for a paycheck, and I get that.

But still, this kind of shit is beneath them.

I have kept the promise I made to them after the child support settlement was final, and have kept my distance. 

We all knew that if Bristol thought we were still hanging out that she would use that to try and keep Tripp away, and I could not have that.

Levi is gearing up for another legal fight when Tripp hits twelve years old and has a choice about where he wants to live. 

And it sounds like this time he is ready to go all in.

Before you judge Levi about all of the hunting and snowmachine racing keep in mind that he is a product of his environment. 

Alaska can be a harsh and unforgiving place to grow up sometimes, and it appears that Levi not only adapted to it but flourishes here as well. 

And clearly, he is a great dad.