Who has ever needed this in the past after interviewing a president?

Courtesy of The Independent

CBS’s Lesley Stahl is reportedly under personal security protection due to death threats received since her contentious “60 minutes” interview with Donald Trump.

The US president, who walked-out on Ms. Stahl’s “tough” questions, had described her interview as showing “bias, hatred and rudeness” towards him, among other complaints.

When the programme aired on Sunday, she noted that the interview had “began politely, but ended regrettably, contentiously.”

Mr. Trump, meanwhile, wrote on Twitter that Ms. Stahl was “a zippo but always going for the kill.”

Now, according to sources who spoke to TMZ, the popular CBS reporter has since received death threats, and was now under protection.

Security personnel were believed to be stationed outside Ms. Stahl’s own home, as well as the addresses of her family members, who are receiving round-the-clock protection.

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles Police Department received a report that threats had been made to the CBS reporter on Thursday morning, and were said to have opened an investigation.

A phone caller, who threatened both Ms. Stahl and her relatives, was reported to have mentioned neo-Nazis.

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