See, I’m not the only one who thinks this woman has lost all credibility.

Courtesy of The Independent

A leading US epidemiologist has accused one of the doctors on the White House’s coronavirus task force of “false reassurance” after she said a model he helped develop to predict the spread of the virus overstated the number of people likely to develop Covid-19 – when in fact it referred to something more like a best-case scenario.

Marc Lipsitch, a professor of epidemiology at Harvard University, has previously criticised the US government for a “feckless” response that has failed to slow the epidemic’s progress, and called for intense social distancing policies coupled with a “massive expansion” in testing capacity.

At the White House’s latest coronavirus briefing, Dr Birx said that to get to a situation where 20 percent of the US population – around 6 million people – contracted the virus, there would need to be a very large number of asymptomatic people. She said that models that would predict that do not tally with the existing data.

“The predictions of the model don’t match the reality on the ground in China, South Korea or Italy, she explained. “We are five times the size of Italy. If we were Italy and did all those divisions, Italy should have close to 400,000 deaths. They are not close to achieving that.

“There is enough data on the real experience with the coronavirus on the ground to really make these predictions much more sound. When people start talking about 20 per cent of a population getting infected, it’s very scary, but we don’t have data that matches that.”

I actually think this “task force” is designed to put the best spin on the problem possible, and that Dr. Birx’s job is to give it credibility. 

Since the beginning of this thing Trump has been trying to convince us that it is not as bad as the facts are showing, and seems to have assembled a team to obfuscate the severity of the problem. 

I think it is way past time fo the news outlets to stop covering these press briefings and to only accept information from doctors and scientists who are not connected to this administration in any way.