And yet they are still moving toward reopening for in-person teaching. 

Courtesy of AJC:

The largest school district in the state reported Sunday that 260 employees have tested positive for the coronavirus or are in quarantine because of possible exposure as they prepare for the new school year.

Gwinnett County Public School teachers began in-person pre-planning Wednesday at the 141 facilities throughout the county. By the next day, approximately 260 employees had been excluded from work due to a positive case or contact with a case.

The number is fluid, said Gwinnett spokeswoman Sloan Roach, as new reports come in and others move out of quarantine after a period of time.

“Through tracing, we know that the majority of these cases are the result of community spread, meaning we have people who have called in to report who have not been at school or work,” Roach added.

Gwinnett County has one of the highest rates of COVID-19 cases in the state. As of Sunday, there have been 17,781 positive cases in Gwinnett with 1,996 hospitalizations and 240 deaths.

Understandably this has many teachers very worried:

Teachers have complained that even without children present, their health is at risk. There are several petitions circulating asking Superintendent J. Alvin Wilbanks to reverse that decision.

Since Friday afternoon, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has received hundreds of phone calls, texts, emails and instant messages from Gwinnett teachers who asked to remain anonymous.

In-person training and meetings are taking place without areas being wiped down or disinfected in between and masks aren’t being worn at all times, said several teachers who didn’t disclose their names when contacting the AJC. Others added that their school still hadn’t received any hand sanitizer.

This is inhuman. 

These teachers are being forced into a potentially deadly environment from which many will not emerge alive.

Georgia’s numbers are already through the roof, and if they do this they could surpass Texas, Florida, and California as the new state with the largest number of infections. 

This is what comes from having Republican leadership in a time of crisis.