I knew I liked this paper.

Courtesy of the LA Times

The House of Representatives’ inquiry into President Trump’s actions on Ukraine is not yet complete, but the evidence produced over the last two months is more than sufficient to persuade us that he should be impeached. Witness after witness testified that the president held up desperately needed, congressionally approved aid to Ukraine to extort a personal political favor for himself. In so doing, Trump flagrantly abused the power of his office.

The Times’ editorial board was a reluctant convert to the impeachment cause. We worried that impeaching Trump on essentially a party-line vote would be divisive. It is also highly likely that Trump would be — will be — acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate, and that, rightly or wrongly, he would point to that in his reelection campaign as exoneration.

But those concerns must yield to the overwhelming evidence that Trump perverted U.S. foreign policy for his own political gain. That sort of misconduct is outrageous and corrosive of democracy. It can’t be ignored by the House, and it merits a full trial by the Senate on whether to remove him from office.

I believe that the LA Times is the first really large paper to publicly state that they support impeachment, (The Boston Globe did as well, but not quite as large), however many other big name papers such as the New York Times and Washington Post have all but endorsed the proceedings as well. 

I predict that by the new year there will be a number of papers that will have come forward publicly to endorse Trump’s impeachment. 

That is what happened with Nixon, and I imagine things will play out in a similar fashion this time.