He was worried about social media?

Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Kyle Rittenhouse cried, vomited and worried about negative social media comments after turning himself in to a far north suburban police department following the fatal shooting of two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last summer, according to newly released documents.

Rittenhouse, 17, and his mother appeared in the lobby of the Antioch police station around 1:20 a.m. Aug. 26, just hours after prosecutors say the teenager shot three men with an AR-15-style rifle, killing two of them. Police reports show Rittenhouse repeatedly acknowledged his role in the shooting during his conversations with officers, though he insisted he had been protecting himself.

“I shot two white kids,” he told police, according to documents obtained late Friday under a Freedom of Information Act request that village officials initially denied.

According to 17 pages of police reports, an emotional Rittenhouse told police he had been hired to protect a Kenosha business amid the unrest stemming from the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man who was shot multiple times in the back at close range days earlier. At some point during the night, Rittenhouse said, he tried stop an unnamed man from hitting windows and the man began to chase him.

The teen told officers that he had been hit in his lower neck and head with a baseball bat and a skateboard before firing his weapon, according to the police report. A filing by Kenosha prosecutors does not indicate that any of the victims were wielding a baseball bat when they were shot, though video taken that night does show Huber reaching for the rifle as a skateboard hits Rittenhouse’s shoulder.

Antioch officers noted small scratches on Rittenhouse’s arms when he turned himself in, but he did not have any cuts or bruises, a police report states. Paramedics, however, were twice called to the police department to treat him.

“As I stayed with Kyle, I observed him exhibit several different emotions,” Antioch Officer Kourtney Nemec wrote in her report. “I observed Kyle to appear calm, then burst into crying fits, and then calm down again. Every once in a while, I observed Kyle to throw up. I noticed a pattern to his behavior for over an hour with him calming down, crying, calming down again and then throwing up.”

According to the documents Rittenhouse’s mother refused to believe that he had killed anybody even though he insisted that he had. 

The gun was illegally purchased for Rittenhouse by a friend of his and stored at the home of that friend’s stepfather, who said he did not realize it was missing on the day of the shooting. 

Rittenhouse is a high school dropout with a fixation on police work.

On the day of the shooting, the 17-year-old was given water by the police and allowed to walk around after curfew with a loaded weapon even though legally he was too young to have one. 

The boy’s description of what led up to the shooting is somewhat backed up by this video, though the events leading up to his being chased were not captured.

My main takeaway from this article is that this is still a child, who thought that a gun made him a man, and then when he felt frightened used it in a careless manner to take the life of others.

I also noticed that he seemed especially upset that the two protesters he shot were white as if it would have been less upsetting if they had been black.