So he pushed our allies into the arms of our enemies. 

What a brilliant foreign policy.

Courtesy of the AP:

U.S. President Donald Trump did not oppose the deal that Syrian Kurdish-led forces struck with Russia and the Syrian government to protect them against Turkey’s offensive, the force’s commander said Thursday, as his fighters battled a new push by Ankara-backed forces to seize a strategic border town.

The commander’s comments underscored Trump’s willingness to see a crucial U.S. ally in the fight against the Islamic State switch allegiance to Moscow and Damascus. Trump said Wednesday he welcomed the move by the two militaries to fill the void created when he ordered the pullout of U.S. forces from northeastern Syria.

“We told (Trump) that we are contacting the Syrian regime and the Russians in order to protect our country and land,” the commander, Mazloum Abdi, told local TV station Ronahi TV. “He said, ‘We are not against that.’”

The deal by the Kurds, announced Sunday, allows forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad to move into border areas held by the Kurdish-led fighters, effectively replacing the U.S. troops, and establishing Russia as the agreement’s guarantor. Abdi spoke with Trump by phone the next day.

In a visible sign of the change, an Associated Press team saw a Russian flag raised Thursday at a watchtower of the main Kurdish militia overlooking the Turkish border near the Euphrates River. There had been no previous word of Russian forces in that location, but Russian military advisers often accompany Syrian government forces.

I seriously doubt that the majority of us who wanted to get troops out of the Middle East anticipated just handing everything over to Russia. 

This is a huge strategic win for the Kremlin and gives them the ability to control an area rich in oil, but also positioned well for influencing the politics of Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and even Israel. 

I will predict that within the next few months we will see American influence in the area wane, and see Russia rising as the de facto superpower. 

To me it appears obvious that Russian manipulated Trump into pulling out American military to allow Turkey to launch a genocide that ultimately drove the Kurds into Putin’s open arms. 

Remember on Wednesday I reported that the Russians have been telling the Kurds for over a year that Trump would abandon them? (Link)

Well now we can see how well that plan came together for them.