Damn, that is a terrible response.

But then again, what could she really say?

In my opinion, this right here would be enough to say “put a fork in her she is done,” but there is much more.

Courtesy of CNN:

Gillibrand responded to a question about her previous position on guns by addressing the previous sterling rating.

“So, I had an A-rating as a House member,” she said. “I only really looked at guns through the lens of hunting. My mother still shoots the Thanksgiving turkey. But when I became Senator, I recognized I had a lot to learn about my state and all of the 20 million I was going to represent.”

And the next morning, at a coffee shop in Boone, Iowa, Gillibrand opened with a simple nod to her past.

“I represented a rural place in Congress,” she told the audience at Livery Deli, a small coffee shop in the rural Iowa enclave.

“My story is my story. And when I am wrong, I admit it,” Gillibrand told CNN about not running from her more conservative past. “It is just who I am. And so that is why these stories are part of my story and it is what it is. It just defines who I am.”

Asked by CNN why she took more than $1 million from lobbyists in her career, but is now swearing off super PAC and lobbying money, Gillibrand described her decision as a presidential candidate a “first step” and admitted she wishes she had done it sooner.

“Yeah, I do,” she said. “And I think it is important to start somewhere and that is why I am starting here.”

Formerly held conservative ideas on immigration once had an A rating from the NRA and took money from lobbyists. 

I think that is a few too many sins to be forgiven after a few “Hail Marys.” 

And all of that is before we consider her treatment of Al Franken. 

So yeah, it’s fork time.