Courtesy of ABC News:

Gentry told “Good Morning America” the decision to leave was a difficult one, and she reached out to human resources on two occasions.

“There were a few major events that spurred my departure. I hold teaching in such high regard that watching my most recent administration laugh about students with disabilities, state that we ‘shouldn’t lose sleep over’ struggling students, say that she [a school administrator] ‘washed her hands of this year’ in April was disheartening to say the least,” she said.

The former teacher said she’s been surprised by the response to her post. While there have been a few negative comments, most have been “overwhelmingly positive.”

“There is an enormous amount of educators who feel that exact way but have felt alone and guilty for thinking so,” Gentry told “GMA.” ” I never expected it to reach farther than a few friends — but I am so humbled to be able to throw the curtains open on the issue and give those who feel unable to say it a voice.”

She hopes that her post can inspire some kind of change.

“I’d love nothing more than to do work with those willing to listen to change the current path our public education system is headed down. I promised my coworkers when I left that I’d be the voice for them since so many fear being reprimanded for speaking up,” she said.

 I found this very hard to read. 

I commiserated with her quite a bit, as I had my own frustrations while working as a Kindergarten TA for three years. 

For me, it was mostly due to the No Child Left Behind policies that focused on testing.

That irritated me to no end, and I am glad that policy has been discarded. 

Good teachers certainly do not grow on trees and earning a teaching certificate is no guarantee that the person is up to the job. 

So losing one is always a sad day.

We have systematically undermined public education and devalued teachers to such a degree that it is almost amazing that anybody still wants to enter the profession. 

Keeping them on the job with all the supports they need to do it successfully should be every school districts top priority.