Courtesy of Deadline:

Kanye West let off a July 4th fireworks display of his own today by announcing that he is running for President this year.

Whether or not, Ye will truly square off against the former Celebrity Apprentice host (who West once said was a “Superman” in an often bizarre 2018 Oval Office meeting) and former Vice-President Joe Biden in November, today’s declaration is not the first time the multiple Grammy winner has said he has eyes on the White House. Back in 2015, West told the MTV VMA Awards he would launch a Presidential race for 2020, in January 2019 the “Trump all day” fan teased a 2024 bid and just last November the Jesus Is King star asserted to a Fast Company corporate conference that he would be going for the ballot box in 2024.

Now, of course, nobody should take Kanye seriously, I mean we already have a crazy person in the White House, but sadly nobody got that message to Elon Musk in time. 

Okay at this point even if we were invaded by aliens before December, it would not be the craziest thing that happened this year.