Nice try Kansas.

Courtesy of The Hill:

The Kansas state House narrowly shot down a proposed anti-abortion amendment to the state’s constitution Friday that would have sought to restrict access to the procedure.

While the amendment won the approval of the majority of the chamber by an 80-43 vote, supporters needed to hit a two-thirds majority, or 84 votes in the 125-member chamber, for the amendment to be on the ballot in the August primary election.

The measure failed after four Republicans bucked their party and several Democrats representing conservative districts opposed the amendment.

Supporters of the amendment left the roll call open for more than five hours to try to convince skeptics to flip their votes, but to no avail.

The amendment would have overturned a Kansas Supreme Court decision from last year that declared access to abortion a “fundamental” right under the state’s Bill of Rights.

Republicans vowed to keep up the pressure after failing to pass the amendment, assuring the public they would maintain their push for its ultimate passage.

That’s Kansas for you, if at first you don’t suceed in oppressing women, try, try again. 

This was way too close. 

And it is almost guaranteed that some state, somewhere will ultimately ban abortion and then that case will of course head to the Supreme Court. 

Is anybody confident that the Supreme Court as it currently stands will come out in favor of reinforcing Roe vs Wade?

A woman’s right to choose is currently under attack all over the United States, and there are currently 43 states that ban late term abortion, 12 states that restrict abortion coverage by health insurers, and 18 states that demand women receive counseling before an abortion that includes the false claim that abortion is linked to breast cancer.  

It is only a matter of time before abortion is once again illegal, and the only way we have to fight that is to elect as many Democrats as humanly possible.