There’s that terrible socialized medicine for you.

Courtesy of CBC:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday any COVID-19 vaccines approved by Health Canada will be free for all Canadians through the health-care system.

Trudeau made the statement in the House of Commons after being questioned by NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, who said Canadians are worried about whether they will have free and timely access to a vaccine against the coronavirus once one becomes available.

But it remains unclear exactly who would receive the vaccines first or how they would be distributed. The government has indicated the plan is to ensure the most vulnerable and essential workers have ready access.

Trudeau told the Commons a committee of experts will counsel the government on how to fairly distribute vaccines to everyone.

Sadly Canada has seen a resurgence of new cases, though they are still way, way lower than what we are seeing in America on a daily basis. 

It should also be noted that the tests for Covid-19 are free of charge in Canada, whereas here in the US they can cost hundreds of dollars. 

I will also tell you that I would be far more trusting in a vaccine that Canada came up with, as opposed to one put out by the Trump Administration. 

Maybe if I drive to the border and stick my arm over they will inoculate me.

Might be worth a shot. 

Get it?