Courtesy of Politico:

Donald Trump will be a private citizen in January. But Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill are poised to carry on the investigations and legal battles that helped define his presidency.

In the House, Democrats are still in court fighting to obtain Trump’s financial records and testimony from his first White House counsel Don McGahn, a key figure in the obstruction of justice case against Trump.

In the Senate, where GOP control hinges on two Jan. 5 runoffs in Georgia, Republican lawmakers are plotting ways to expand and intensify their investigations targeting the former Obama administration and President-elect Joe Biden and his son Hunter, with Senate Republicans saying they will use the lame duck period to ramp up their probes.

“We’re not going to stop,” Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said as he concluded a hearing this week on the FBI’s handling of its investigation of the 2016 Trump campaign’s ties to Russia — a probe the president has railed against for four years. “Because this is fundamental to democracy that the law enforcement community acts based on evidence, not based on bias.”

I swear that Lindsey Graham must not be able to hear himself talk. 

He claims to be pursuing a case based on evidence and not bias, while it is clear to everybody who hears him that his desire to keep the investigation going is obviously based on bias. 

I think that that the only reason the Republican-led Senate (At least for now) is pursuing these investigations is to counterbalance the completely reasonable and necessary Congressional probes into Trump’s wrongdoing. 

It might even be used as a threat to force Nancy Pelosi to pull the plug on those investigations with offers to drop the cases and start cooperating with the Biden administration moving forward. 

I would hope that Pelosi is smart enough to reject any deal like that since they definitely will not hold up their end, and allow the investigations to move forward with the evidence determining the eventual outcome.