Courtesy of Raw Story:

A video circulating on social media on Monday appeared to show high school students in Alabama making racist and anti-Semitic remarks.

“Without the Holocaust, what would the world be like?” one partier says in the video. “Jews would run the world.”

“F*ck n****rs, f*ck Jews,” another student says.

“Jews are fine because they are white,” a young woman announces.

“Jews would be running the world right now,” the first student droned.

“Fine, we just need n****rs gone,” the woman replies.

“You stick them in concentration camps,” the first student agrees.

“No, you just have to wait until they die off,” the woman advises.

The partiers went on to discuss the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

“How about we just kick out all the Democrats?” the female student says.

Jews are fin because they are white? 

Keep in mind that was said by a young woman apparently trying to defend Jewish people. 

I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s and never heard anything like this. 

We just need to remember that just because the younger generations are typically more progressive and welcoming of others, that does not mean it is universal in this country. 

Clearly, these young people are surrounded by this kind of talk and hated, and if they do not get educated they will pass it right on down to their children and even their children’s children. 

Kind of makes Trump’s presidency a little bit easier to understand, doesn’t it?