That is the same hospital where my daughter was born. 

Courtesy of HuffPo:

A moose wandered into a hospital building in Alaska’s largest city Monday — and Stephanie Hupton was ready to capture the visit with her phone camera.

Hupton works in billing at a physical therapy office inside a building attached to Alaska Regional Hospital in Anchorage. When a patient mentioned security staffers were monitoring a moose that got inside her building, she dashed out and started recording.

“Didn’t think we’d have a pet moose,” she said.

The footage shows the moose browsing around some greenery near an entrance before it stands gazing at the camera’s direction. It briefly lingers before sauntering out through an open door.

Hupton said she never felt threatened by the mellow creature in her closest-ever encounter with one of the massive animals.

Apparently, after it ate its fill of the plants, the moose wandered outside and just hung around the parking lot for a while. 

I have to say that 99% of the time if you do not bother moose they will be totally cool and you will have no problems. 

Having said that I do have to mention that my daughter’s dog had a close call with a moose just two days ago which seemed to take offense at her barking and charged her in my backyard. 

Fortunately for all concerned, the moose turned tail and ran when I went out to see what the dog was barking at, right after it defecated in my yard of course.