Courtesy of HuffPo:

Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro ended his campaign on Thursday, The New York Times reported.

Castro, the former mayor of San Antonio and secretary of Housing and Urban Development under then-President Barack Obama, would have been the first Latino president, had the voters rallied behind him. He was the first Texas Democrat to run for president since 1976.

In a video released by the campaign, Castro thanked his supporters and said, “I’ve determined that it simply isn’t our time.” The nearly four-minute video showed clips of Castro’s campaign, including him speaking out against police violence and the crisis at the southern border.

Throughout his campaign, Castro lagged behind other Democratic primary candidates in the polls and in campaign funds, telling supporters on Twitter that he needed to raise $800,000 by the end of October or his campaign would be “silenced for good.” He made a similar threat in an email to supporters back in September. Apparently, this time he meant it.

Castro’s campaign has struggled to climb the polls since he joined the race, and he failed to qualify for the last two Democratic debates in November and December.

Castro is another candidate that I never really felt had a chance in hell of winning the nomination. 

I like the Castro brothers and think they will go far in Democratic politics, but I do not see either of them as President of the United States. 

Some are arguing that we have winnowed the field down to just white folks and a token Asian at this point, but if that is what the voters want then that is what they will get. 

There are still two women in the running and that is certainly progress, but we are not going to choose the leader of the free world based on a sense of affirmative action. 

Barack Obama was not chosen because he was black, he was chosen because he was the best. And that still needs to be the criteria.