These Trump people are the lowest of the low.

Courtesy NPR:

A controversial rule backed by U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and meant to reroute millions of dollars in coronavirus aid to K-12 private school students, has been shut down, at least temporarily.

The U.S. Education Department announced Wednesday that the rule is no longer in effect after a federal judge determined that the department had not only “acted beyond its authority” but misinterpreted the will of Congress.

At the center of this months-long fight between DeVos and public school advocates is the CARES Act, passed in March. The law set aside more than $13 billion in federal aid to help schools cover their budget-crushing pandemic costs.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit, led by the NAACP, argued that the money was meant to be distributed to public school districts based on how many low-income students they serve. For private schools, lawmakers required districts to set aside a small portion of that money to pay for “equitable services” such as tutoring or transportation, though only for those schools’ low-income students.

DeVos and her Education Department read the law differently, arguing throughout the summer that private schools should receive help based on how many students they serve overall, rather than just their share of low-income students. This could mean, in places with large private school populations, districts serving low-income students could be required to spend relief money on their more affluent, private school neighbors.

In a Sept. 4 decision vacating the rule, U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich in Washington, D.C., wrote that “it is difficult to imagine how Congress could have been clearer” about its intention that these equitable services be reserved for low-income students only. “The Department’s arguments to the contrary do not change this straightforward conclusion.”

I swear that sometimes it almost seems as if members of the Trump cabinet are competing with each other to see who is the more deplorable. 

I mean Hillary really hit the nail on the head when she came up with that label, but rather than be insulted by it some of these people seem to see it as a challenge to meet the definition. 

This Betsy DeVos is a singularly disgusting human being and I can only imagine how this job of hers has interfered with her hobby of drowning puppies and crushing kittens underfoot.