John Oliver does a deep dive into the Green New Deal as only he can.

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I typically place a video of Last Week in the video section down below just to offer up some content without spending a lot of time typing up a post to accompany it. 

But this issue seems much too important to just to the bare minimum. 

The video is almost 20 minutes long and I know you are busy people with important things which require your attention.

But to that, I would have to ask, “Exactly what do you have to do that is more important than saving the fucking planet?”

That’s what I thought.

Like I said, it is only a little over 19 minutes long and it will help you to understand a proposal that has been misrepresented by just about everybody.

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    “Donald Trump’s prized Doral Miami resort has gone into a steep decline, with its net operating income falling by 69 percent in two years, The Washington Post reports. The Doral was listed in the president’s federal disclosures as his biggest-earning hotel, but room rates, banquets, golf and overall revenue have all taken hits since 2015, when he declared himself a candidate for president. The Trump Organization reportedly expected to take in $85 million in revenue in 2017, but only managed $75 million. “They are severely underperforming,” Trump tax consultant Jessica Vachiratevanurak told a Miami-Dade County official in an attempt bid to lower the property’s tax bill. She admitted: “There is some negative connotation that is associated with the brand.” In a statement to the Post, the Trump Organization reportedly tried to blame a downturn in tourists from fears of the Zika virus in 2016, and hurricanes in 2016 and 2017. However, tax documents provided to Miami-Dade County over the same period showed local rivals outperforming Doral, the Post notes.”<thedailybeast

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