Of course, he did.

Courtesy of NBC News

Cindy McCain on Tuesday endorsed Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president, a stunning rebuke of President Donald Trump by the widow of the GOP’s 2008 nominee.

In an interview on NBC’s “TODAY” show Wednesday, McCain said she’s been “deeply concerned” with what’s been occurring across the country.

“Joe Biden represents to me the kinds of values and integrity and courage that we want in a president and someone who, I think, would have my back as a citizen and someone who lives in a neighborhood and has a family and all the other things that people do,” she said. “I want to feel like my president cares about me and cares about this country and Joe Biden does.”

“I do believe that he’ll make a wonderful president with regards to not only the military, but in every other aspect, and most importantly, and the thing that touches me a great deal is that Joe has great empathy for people in this country people that are struggling, people that are suffering,” McCain added.

Obviously the toddler-in-Chief could not let that go and so he didn’t.

Does anybody remember when presidents acted presidentially and did not do something to embarrass the country every day of their term?

Because at this point I barely do.