Courtesy of NYT:

Senator John McCain, who died on Saturday at age 81, will lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda and receive a full dress funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral.

Mr. McCain, who served for two decades in the Navy after graduating from the Naval Academy and who represented Arizona in Congress for 35 years, will also lie in state at the Arizona Capitol before his burial in Annapolis, Md., a Republican official involved in the planning said.

Two Republicans familiar with the planning said that Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been asked to offer eulogies at his funeral. Under initial plans for Mr. McCain’s funeral, Vice President Mike Pence was to attend, but not President Trump, who clashed repeatedly with Mr. McCain.

So John McCain actually requested that both of the men who defeated him for the presidency speak at his funeral but rejected the current White House occupant altogether. 

I think that is more than telling. 

By the way here is Obama’s moving statement concerning the passing of his one-time political opponent. 

The man simply does not hold a grudge.

Isn’t that refreshing?