Courtesy of CBS:

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said former National Security Adviser John Bolton refused to submit a sworn affidavit on President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine after the Senate rejected additional witnesses and documents.

In an interview with MSNBC on Wednesday after the Senate voted to acquit Mr. Trump of charges he abused his power and obstructed Congress, Schiff, a Democrat from California, said House Democrats approached Bolton’s counsel after the unsuccessful vote in the Senate.

The House “asked if Mr. Bolton would be willing to submit an affidavit under oath describing what he observed in terms of the president’s Ukraine misconduct, and he refused,” Schiff said. ” So for whatever reason, he apparently was willing to testify before the Senate but apart from that, seems intent on saving it for his book. He’ll have to answer for that.”

This is why the Republican’s argument that they did not need to call John Bolton to testify because the House Democrats should have subpoenaed him if his information was so important was just bullshit. 

I personallly do not think that Bolton ever had any intention of tesifying and knew that if he offered to testify before the Senate that the Republicans would reject his offer and then he could seem like the good guy right before his book hits the shelves. 

I think that for a moment there we all forgot that John Bolton is still John Bolton, and that he is just as unreasonable and self serving as the rest of the GOP. 

That is why I for one am never buying his book.