Trump may be too afraid to debate, but not Joe Biden.

Courtesy of ABC News

ABC News announced on Thursday that it will hold a town hall with Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president Joe Biden on Thursday, Oct. 15, allowing voters to ask questions to the former vice president less than a month before Election Day.

ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos will moderate the prime-time event in Philadelphia.

Oct. 15 was the designated date for the second presidential debate, which has since been canceled over squabbles about the format and timing of the town hall-style debate.

Instead of showing up to debate Trump is planning on holding some rallies so that he can apparently infect more people. 

However, only about 3 million Fox News viewers will see those, while Joe Biden will reach many millions more on network TV.

And that includes the independent and swing voters that Trump seems to be ignoring right now.