Has he not been paying attention?

Courtesy of NYT:

As Joseph R. Biden Jr. made his way across Iowa on his first trip as a 2020 presidential candidate, the former vice president repeatedly returned to one term — aberration — when he referred to the Trump presidency.

“Limit it to four years,” Mr. Biden pleaded with a ballroom crowd of 600 in the eastern Iowa city of Dubuque. “History will treat this administration’s time as an aberration.”

“This is not the Republican Party,” he added, citing his relationships with “my Republican friends in the House and Senate.”

There is no disagreement among Democrats about the urgency of defeating Mr. Trump. But Mr. Biden’s singular focus on the president as the source of the nation’s ills, while extending an olive branch to Republicans, has exposed a significant fault line in the Democratic primary.

Democrats, like Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, see the president as a symptom of something deeper, both in a Republican Party overtaken by Trumpism and a nation cleaved by partisanship. Simply ousting Mr. Trump, they tell voters, is not enough.

Yeah, I have to side with Sanders and Warren on this one.

If Trump did not represent the modern Republican party they would speak out against him or work behind the scenes to undermine his presidency.

I see no signs of that.

What I see is a sycophantic Republican party who have betrayed their last shred of ethics in order to support a man who on the surface seems to represent a betrayal of everything they supposedly stood for. 

And let us not forget that even before Donald Trump, the Republicans in Washington banded together to block every single policy that President Obama tried to implement before they even knew what it was. 

As I see it the Republican party in its current form is a lost cause. 

And anybody who cannot recognize that likely has no business representing the Democratic party in the 2020 presidential election.