What does he know that we don’t know?

Courtesy of NBC News:

Joe Biden said Wednesday night that his greatest concern is whether everyone’s votes will be counted in November as he warned that President Donald Trump may try to “steal” the presidential election.

In an interview on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” host Trevor Noah asked the former vice president what the plan is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to vote without being in a line that’s six hours long, as many people in Georgia experienced during Tuesday’s primary.

“It’s my greatest concern, my single greatest concern. This president is going to try to steal this election,” said Biden, the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

Biden noted that the president has repeatedly cast doubt on the legitimacy of mail-in ballots even though Trump himself took advantage of the process to vote in Florida earlier this year.

“This is a guy who said all mail-in ballots are fraudulent, voting by mail, while he sits behind the desk in the Oval Office and writes his mail-in ballot to vote in the primary,” he said.

Biden added that many states have passed legislation making it harder for people to vote and said that his campaign is putting together a team of lawyers to go to every district in the country and patrol the election.

I think it is a given that Trump will try to steal this election and that Russia will try to help him do it.

That is why we have to turn out in huge numbers and make extra sure that our votes are counted. 

If we adopt the mail-in ballot format this whole thing is over, but if the Republicans manage to block that in several states they might be able to skew the results. 

I really liked Biden’s response to what he thinks will happen if Trump loses and then refuses to leave the White House:

“I am absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.”

Damn, I would pay to see that.