So you may have seen articles quoting Joe Biden as saying that he will not comply with a Senate subpoena, and thought “Wait a minute is that not the same thing that we have been dragging Donald Trump for doing?”

Yes it is, which is probably why Biden tweeted out this clarification:

Courtesy of Politico:

Joe Biden’s campaign sought to “clarify” his statement that he would refuse a Senate subpoena in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial by saying Saturday that the former vice president has a history of complying with any “lawful order.”

But Biden stopped short of saying clearly that he would honor such a Senate order if it came, and said he will not “pretend there is any legal basis” for a subpoena — thereby laying the foundation to potentially argue that a Senate subpoena in Trump’s trial wouldn’t be one of those lawful orders.

Asked to clarify the statement further, Biden’s campaign referred back to his Saturday statements on Twitter and his remarks Friday to the Des Moines Register in which he said he wouldn’t comply with a subpoena if it came.

After that Friday interview, Biden critics were quick to point out that the second article of impeachment against Trump concerned his defiance of congressional subpoenas — albeit on a broad and indiscriminate basis — but Biden says there’s no comparison between him and Trump.

While I think that Biden makes a valid point, I also think he is walking a very thin line right now. 

If he is going to support the House articles of impeachment, one of which is obstruction, then he almost has to comply with this subpoena or lose points for being a hypocrite. 

However if he does comply with a subpoena from the Senate he will be walking right into a pit of vipers whose only strategy will be to damage his credibility as a legitimate candidate for the Democratic nomination.  

I will also point out that Biden should not agree to the subpoenas if the White House continues to block access to the witnesses that the House called during their investigation. 

But if his compliance gets Don McGahn, Mick Mulvaney, and Rudy Giuliani in front of the Senate, then he will earn truckloads of street cred.