Now they just need to vote.

Courtesy of Newsweek

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds a 50-point lead over President Donald Trump among college students, new polling data has found.

According to the latest survey of students released by College Pulse and Chegg on Friday, more than two thirds of undergraduates (69 percent) intend to vote for Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris on November 3.

By comparison, fewer than one in five (19 percent) told pollsters that they would vote for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to have a second term in the White House. A further six percent said they would be voting for a third party candidate.

Biden’s popularity among college students has remained roughly level over the past few months, but is still a strong 10-point increase on his May 19 favorability rating with the group.

Undergraduates are also more confident that Trump will fail to be re-elected in less than a month’s time.

Asked if they believed the president would win a second term on September 22, 57 percent of students said no, while 43 percent believed he could pull it off. But two weeks later, more than six in ten (62 percent) told pollsters Trump would not win on November 3 as just 38 percent backed his chances.

That is why you go to college, to get smarter, and clearly, that’s happening with these young people. 

 I am sure they would have much-preferred voting for a Pete Buttigieg of Bernie Sanders, but I also bet they are loving having Kamala Harris on the ticket. 

I have heard that turnout among college-age voters is predicted to be quite high this election, and I hope that holds true. 

People are always worried that the younger generation will somehow screw everything up, but seriously how could they possibly make it any worse at this point?