Courtesy of Yahoo News:

Joe Biden appeared to joke about the harassment complaints he’s faced, from at least eight women, at a campaign stop on Tuesday.

At a town hall event in Berlin, New Hampshire, the former vice president, who’s running to be the Democratic nominee for 2020’s presidential election, had a conversation with a woman in the front row. Afterwards Mr Biden turned to the reporters in the room and said “I want the press to know: she pulled me close.”

The crowd laughed. After the event, the woman, Sandy Bergquist, told a reporter that she wasn’t offended by the joke, and that she would be voting for him.

It’s not the first time Mr Biden has made light of the accusations that he’s engaged in inappropriate behaviour towards women, including a high-profile story from Lucy Flores, who ran for lieutenant governor in Nevada in 2014. During a campaign event, Mr Biden smelled her hair and kissed the top of her head, both of which were unwelcome.

After Ms Flores published her story in New York Magazine, Mr Biden appeared to joke about her accusations at a public event, saying he said he had “permission” to touch both a speaker introducing him and a child on stage later.

I actually don’t think that Biden has done anything that would constitute actual sexual harassment or meet the definition for sexual misconduct, but I just think it is a bad idea to keep reminding people that this could be a tactic to use against him if he becomes the Democratic nominee. 

There is a lot to work with, and honestly, I am not sure he can overcome it all. 

But why poke the bear?

That just seems arrogant and unnecessarily careless. 

Which is not something most of us are looking for in a president.  

Hell, we already have one of those.