Well, that’s damn good, isn’t it?

Courtesy of CNN:

Former Vice President Joe Biden is dominating President Donald Trump in the latest polls. No, the election is not over yet, and Trump still has a non-negligible chance of winning.

But a look through history reveals that Biden is in a better position at this point than any challenger since 1936, when the first scientific polls were taken in a presidential race.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday was the latest poll to indicate Biden’s strength. Biden led Trump by a 55% to 43% margin among likely voters. The poll was the third high quality national poll published this week that had Biden up by at least 10 points and above 50%. The other two being from CNN/SSRS and Fox News.

Indeed, the average of polls has Biden at around 52% or 53% and up by somewhere between 10 and 11 points. This is an unprecedented position for a challenger with a mere 23 days to go until Election Day.

In the 21 previous presidential elections since 1936, there have only been five challengers who led at this time. Of those five, only one (Bill Clinton in 1992) was ahead by more than 5 points. None of those five were earning more than 48% of the vote in the polls.

In other words, Biden is the first challenger to be above 50% at this late juncture in the campaign.

Once again I am sharing this with you to keep you hopeful and engaged. 

It is NOT to suggest that we have this thing in the bag and everybody can relax. 

Quite the contrary, nothing is in the bag and nobody should be relaxing until we have voted Donald Trump out of office and Joe Biden is securely ensconced in the White House. 

And even after that, we should remain wary, because I think Trump still represents a danger to our country right up until he takes his last breath.