Biden is not taking any chances.

Courtesy of The Daily Beast

Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a whopping 4,000 lawyers standing by or already working in Florida to either avoid or combat an election recount next week, according to New York Magazine. The attorneys have been examining ballot designs, monitoring local officials who’ve been counting the state’s early votes, and watching canvassing boards. The mag reports that the goal of these thousands of Democratic lawyers is to ensure that as many votes as possible are counted so as to pave the way for a clear victory in the key swing state. Biden has also stationed lawyers from the Obama administration throughout the nation as well.

Biden knows that Florida could be the most important state just like it was back in 2000. 

However, I have every confidence that he is prepared in every other state as well. 

I am just hoping that this simply comes down to a legal battle and not one involving exchanges of gunfire in the streets.