Courtesy of WaPo:

If President Trump makes of fun of his age or questions his mental state during a debate, Joe Biden has a response at the ready: He’ll challenge him to do push-ups on stage.

The former vice president relayed his plans during an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in which he was pressed on whether he is tough enough to stand up to Trump given what many saw as a lackluster performance in the first Democratic debate.

Biden acknowledged that some people could have been left with that impression but said he has never had trouble taking on anyone before. That led co-host Mika Brzezinski to ask what he would do if Trump raised the issues of Biden’s age and mental state.

“I’d say, ‘C’mon Donald, c’mon man. How many push-ups do you want to do here, pal?’” Biden said. “I mean, jokingly. . . . C’mon, run with me, man.”

This sounds exceptionally weak to me.

Trump is never going to agree to any physical competition and that will not stop him from attacking his Democratic opponent from every angle. 

If Biden were actually to win the nomination, which I seriously doubt, Trump would attack his age, his Senate career, his overly familiar attitude with the ladies, and even the death of his son Beau. 

There would be nothing off limits, absolutely nothing. 

Keep in mind that Trump literally brought Bill’s accusers to sit in the audience during his debate with Hillary. 

A man who would do that would also claim that his opponent was using his child’s death for political gain.