Trump is a psychopath.

Courtesy of Axios

Former Vice President Joe Biden said in a letter Monday to President Trump and other conservatives challenging the Affordable Care Act that the novel coronavirus outbreak shows why they should drop their legal case.

The 2020 candidate sent the letter on the 10th anniversary of former President Obama signing the act into law. Biden suggested the lawsuit they’re supporting threatens protections the ACA provides at a time when Americans are “anxious and afraid about the impact the deadly COVID-19 pandemic is already having on their lives, their families, and their ability to pay their bills.”

“At a time of national emergency, which is laying bare the existing vulnerabilities in our public health infrastructure, it is unconscionable that you are continuing to pursue a lawsuit designed to strip millions of Americans of their health insurance and protections under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including the ban on insurers denying coverage or raising premiums due to pre-existing conditions.”
— Excerpt from Biden’s letter

The Supreme Court announced early this month it would hear the challenge later this year — possibly not until just before or after the 2020 presidential election in November.

The lawsuit argues that the entire ACA should be struck down, “including its most popular provisions, like its pre-existing conditions protections,” Axios’ Caitlin Owens notes.

I seriously do not understand how Trump’s mind works. 

Here he is in the middle of a health care crisis like this country has never had before and he is still working to hollow out a program that will help millions of people survive, while at the same time trying to assure people that he is doing everything he can to help them get through this. 

It’s insane. 

Thankfully Joe Biden is not. 

Speaking of Joe Biden he is also getting some smart advice about choosing his running mate. 

Courtesy of NBC News

Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden said Sunday that he has talked with former President Barack Obama about a potential vice presidential pick.

Speaking to over 70 Georgia donors on a fundraising call, Biden said he and Obama recently agreed that his vice presidential nominee must have the political experience to step in as president if he were unable to serve.

“The most important thing — and I’ve actually talked to Barack about this — the most important thing is that there has to be someone who, the day after they’re picked, is prepared to be president of the United States of America if something happened,” Biden said.

Without mentioning names, Biden told donors his team is considering at least seven women. The vetting process, which a campaign official described to NBC News as “vigorous,” will begin in a “matter of weeks,” he said.

My daughter and I discussed this extensively yesterday and could not come up with seven women who would be ready to take on the job of Presidnet immediately “if something happened.” 

The two names that occured right off the top were those of Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. 

Amy Klobuchar would be a reasonable choice but her husband was just diagnosed with the Coronavirus so I am not sure she would be mentally or emotionally ready to take this on right now. 

My daughter likes Stacey Abrams but is not sure she has the experience for the job. 

I suggested Tammy Duckworth, who she liked, but then she pulled out her Ace and named Michelle Obama.

I argued that while Michelle is certainly intelligent enough, and has some experience, it would still be a daunting task for somebody who has never held office before. 

To that she said “Yeah Dad, but don’t you think a certain ex-President would have her back?”

And to that I said “Touche.”