I guess that whole watching your wife bang the pool boy did not go ever well with the stuffed shirts who make up the board of directors. 

Courtesy of Fox News

Jerry Falwell Jr. resigned as president of Liberty University late Monday night, following a tumultuous day during which he tussled with the university’s board of trustees over his future at the school.

In a phone call to The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Falwell said he had just sent his resignation letter to the board of the Christian school in Virginia. Mr. Falwell was placed on an indefinite leave of absence two weeks ago, following criticism about a photo he posted on social media showing him with his pants unbuttoned, a cup of dark liquid in one hand and his other arm draped around a woman. The woman, who Mr. Falwell said was his wife’s assistant, also had her pants open.

“The board put me on leave, took away my duties as prez, and that’s not permitted by my contract,” Mr. Falwell said Monday night. “And they put me on leave because of pressure from self-righteous people.”

He said he was still due his full compensation.

It’s all about that compensation isn’t it Jer? 

I have to admit that I am taking a couple of victory laps at this news. 

Not to be too morbid but I also took one when Junior’s dad passed away. 

As some of you probably know I named his website as a direct fuck you to the Moral Majority who I think was one of the worst things to happen to American politics since perhaps the Civil War.

If you think I am exaggerating let me just tell you that without the Moral Majority it is highly unlikely that we would have had Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, or Donald Trump. And you can probably throw Sarah Palin into that mix as well. 

Jerry Falwell Sr. was the driving force behind that movement. 

The Moral Majority crusade used anti-abortion activism to unify a number of religious organizations and direct their political support toward highly flawed candidates that they felt would further their conservatism agenda.

In today’s world, the movement is all but dead, however, Jerry Falwell Jr. is more or less its last remaining acolyte. 

And just like his father he also supported a deeply flawed candidate who he believed would push a conservative agenda despite not being a “real” conservative. 

So yes seeing Jerry Falwell’s son forced to step down, especially in light of a sex scandal, is karma at its best in my opinion.