Yeah, they are smearing him with the truth apparently. 

Courtesy of the AP:

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. said Tuesday that he is asking the FBI to investigate what he called a “criminal” smear campaign orchestrated against him by several disgruntled former board members and employees.

Falwell told The Associated Press he has evidence that the group improperly shared emails belonging to the university with reporters in an attempt to discredit him. He said the “attempted coup” was partially motivated by his ardent backing of President Donald Trump.

His allegations come after the publication of a story in Politico Magazine on Monday that alleged Falwell “presides over a culture of self-dealing” at Liberty that has improperly benefited him and his family. The story cited unnamed sources described as current and former officials or Falwell associates.

“I’m not going to dignify the lies that were reported yesterday with a response, but I am going to the authorities and I am going to civil court,” Falwell said, referring to the reporter as a “little boy.”

“I’m not going to dignify the lies” is universally understood to translate into “Yeah I did but you have to prove it.” 

Falwell’s main argument is that the emails that went back and forth between himself and his employees were the property of Liberty University and that sharing them with journalists was against the law. 

However that is not accurate. 

Cybercrime expert Nick Akerman said Falwell’s assertion of a criminal conspiracy is “totally insane.” Akerman said the ex-board members and employees can share emails with reporters as long as they had authorized access to them and didn’t hack into someone else’s account. He said trade secrets are also protected under the law, but Liberty wouldn’t be able to make a case there either.

“I don’t think any law enforcement agency is going to be interested in this one,” said Akerman, a partner at Dorsey & Whitney and former federal prosecutor.

Looks like Junior is shit out of luck.

Just reading between the lines it sounds to me as if everything that Politico reported about Falwell’s criminal enterprise and his fondness for talking about his penis was spot on and that there is likely a whole lot more that he is worried will come out later. 

I wait impatiently for that.