Well, that’s an interesting twist.

Courtesy of TPM:

As President Trump has made concerted efforts over the last few years to distance himself from his past business associate, billionaire and accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been bragging that he introduced President Trump and the first lady.

According to a New York Times report about the business and social ties between Trump and Epstein, the wealthy political financier has been telling people since Trump was elected president that he was the reason Trump and Melania Trump first met.

Melania Trump has only ever said that she and Trump met when the then-real estate mogul asked for her phone number at the Kit Kat Club in 1998 during Fashion Week.

Like most things about Donald Trump there is a good chance that the story of how he met Melania is also pure bullshit. 

In 1998 Melania would have been 28 years old, which is somewhat older than the usual girls that Epstein trafficked. 

However she was a foreign model, and that is right in his sweet spot. 

Trump was also still married to Marla Maples which means Melania would likely have started off as a one night stand, and then a side piece until he decided to dump Marla and make it official. 

There have been rumors for quite some time that Melania may have sold her body for money during her early days in America, that has not been substantiated, but Trump is well known for being willing to throw cash at women he wants to bed. 

So Epstein could be telling the truth here. 

And it would provide one more possible reason for why Trump wants to protect him.

Once again it is a case of which liar do we think is less likely to lie.