Courtesy of Axios

On “Axios on HBO,” Jared Kushner said he doesn’t know whether he’d call the FBI if he were to receive an email today like the one before the campaign’s Trump Tower meeting, which had the subject line: “Re: Russia – Clinton – private and confidential.”

Kushner is now in the West Wing as senior adviser to the president. Shouldn’t an email with an offer of help from Russians trigger a mental alarm? This bolsters the perception that President Trump’s inner circle still doesn’t fully recognize the ongoing threat of Russian interference in American elections.

Kushner’s response comes after FBI Director Christopher Wray said in congressional testimony that he would recommend that in the future, people contact the FBI if a foreign government offers campaign support.

Kushner said people are being “self-righteous” and playing “Monday morning quarterback” by asking him why he didn’t call the FBI when he saw the email offering help for the Trump campaign from Russia.

Kushner essential argument is that since the meeting did not provide the content that was promised, which just to remind you was dirt on Hillary, it was no big deal and did not need to be reported. 

However, that is NOT how the FBI views it and after all of this time in the White House Kushner should be more than aware of that fact. 

Unless, of course, the campaign is seeking help from the Russian government in 2020.

I watched clips of this interview with Kushner on Axios and I have to wonder who in their right mind would think putting Sqirrely McSquirelface in front of the camera to answer a reporter’s questions would be a good idea?

Here he is trying super hard not to admit that his father-in-law is a racist. 

Courtesy of Slate:

Swan: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she calls, she has called President Trump a racist. Have you ever seen him say or do anything that you would describe as racist or bigoted?

Kushner: So the answer is no. Absolutely not. You can’t not be a racist for 69 years and then run for president and be a racist. What I’ll say is that when a lot of the Democrats call the president a racist, I think they’re doing a disservice to people who suffer because of real racism in this country.

Swan: Was birtherism racist?

Kushner: Um, look, I wasn’t really involved in that.

Swan: I know you weren’t! Was it racist?

Kushner: Like I said, I wasn’t involved in that.

Swan: I know you weren’t! Was it racist?

Kushner: Um, look, I know who the president is and I have not seen anything in him that is racist. So, again, I was not involved in that.

Swan: Did you wish he didn’t do that?

Kushner: Like I said, I was not involved in that. That was a long time ago.

Swan: The other issue that often gets brought up in this conversation is that he campaigned on banning Muslims. Would you describe that as religiously bigoted?

Kushner: Look, I think that the president did his campaign the way he did his campaign, and I think…

Swan: He did! But do you wish he didn’t? Do you wish he didn’t make that speech?

Kushner: Uh, I think he’s here today and I think he’s doing a lot of great things for the country, and that’s what I’m proud of.

“You can’t not be a racist for 69 years and then run for president and be a racist,” may be one of the most painfully ignorant answers I have seen in my life.

The man first made the news when he was sued for not allowing black people to live in his buildings. 

He took out a full-page ad calling for the “Central Park Five” to be handed the death penalty.  

They were later exonerated and found to be innocent. 

He was the driving force behind the birtherism claim which suggested that the first black President of the United States might not have been born in this country, and was therefore illegitimate. 

And in the speech that started his damn campaign, Trump accused Mexican immigrants of being “rapists” who brought crime and drugs to the US. 

So tell me, when during his first 69 years was Trump NOT a racist?