Courtesy of the New York Post:

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are threatening to sue over a pair of giant, side-by-side, pro-Joe Biden campaign billboards in Times Square that blast the couple’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

The ads, announced Thursday by the Lincoln Project, show a smiling Ivanka gesturing toward the coronavirus death tolls for New Yorkers and Americans.

The image of the President’s daughter and adviser appears to have been taken from a selfie she tweeted in July, in which she held and gestured toward a can of Goya black beans.

Jared, in a separate billboard abutting Ivanka’s, is shown next to body bags and a quote that reads, “[New Yorkers] are going to suffer and that’s their problem.” The quote is attributed to Kushner from a Sept. 17 Vanity Fair article.

The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump political action committee for Republicans, on Friday tweeted out the letter it received from Trump family lawyer Marc Kasowitz.

The letter threatens to sue the Lincoln Project unless it “immediately” removes the ads, calling the billboards “false, malicious, and defamatory.”

This is how the Lincoln Project responded to the threat:

Later Friday, the PAC responded, “It is unsurprising that an administration that has never had any regard or understanding of our Constitution would try to trample on our first amendment rights.”

The response continued, “But we fully intend on making this civics lesson as painful as possible.”

Once again the Trump’s have clumsily called even more attention to something that they claim they want to remove from the public square. 

I swear these idiots will never learn.