Fucking POS!!!

Courtesy of Business Insider:

Members of Jared Kushner’s coronavirus task force considered a national-scale testing plan early in the US’s coronavirus outbreak.

However, according to a new Vanity Fair report, the plan never came to be, partly because the task force thought it would be better politically to hold off.

The logic, a source told Vanity Fair, was that the virus would hit Democratic-voting areas hardest and that the damage could be blamed on governors instead.

In March and early April, Kushner, a senior White House adviser, led a task force, parallel to the White House’s official efforts, to devise a plan to accelerate coronavirus testing and supply chains nationwide.

Ultimately, that was abandoned, and President Donald Trump shifted much of the responsibility for controlling outbreaks to individual states.

A public-health expert who was in regular contact with Kushner’s team told Vanity Fair’s Katherine Eban that political reasoning may have influenced the decision.

“The political folks believed that because it was going to be relegated to Democratic states, that they could blame those governors, and that would be an effective political strategy,” the unnamed expert said.

Jesus Christ! This is an entire family of monsters!

And every single Republican who supported them in 2016, and continues to support them today, should have their voting rights stripped from them for all time.

I mean if you cannot even decide not to vote for the guy who lets people die gasping for breath alone in a hospital so that he can win reelection, then you should ask yourself if you are even human.