(I would remind you that at least one of the polls that Trump seems pissed off about originated over at his beloved Fox News.)

Pundits seem to think that what put a bee in Trump’s orange-tinted bonnet today was an article in the New York Times discussing the influence that Stephen Miller has over Trump’s immigration policies. 

(Here is the link.)

And here is a sample of the offending article: 

With less fanfare, Mr. Miller has guided a series of policy changes that critics liken to building an “invisible wall.” The Migration Policy Institute, a nonpartisan research group, counted more than 100 of them, noting that “most have moved forward untouched.”

The Trump administration quadrupled the number of work site investigations. It slowed the processing of temporary H-1B visas. It imposed new performance measures on immigration judges, to encourage faster deportations.

Though Mr. Miller was often the driving force, many of these changes were longstanding goals of the restrictionist movement. “He comes from a community of people who’ve been working on this, some of them, since the ’90s,” said Roy Beck, the president of NumbersUSA.

Beyond the commas and clauses of government rules, Mr. Miller and Mr. Trump are trying to change something deeper: America’s self-conception as a land of immigrants. Mr. Trump is the son of an immigrant. Two of the three women he married are immigrants. Four of his five children have an immigrant parent. Yet his immigration agency rewrote its mission statement to remove the phrase “nation of immigrants.”

It’s hard to decide whether Trump is angrier that the Times revealed he is allowing a 33 year old wet behind the ears xenophobe to direct his immigration policies, or that is not given the credit for coming up with the heartless anti-American policies himself.