And here we go!

Mueller has requested a little support during the testimony.

Courtesy of NYT:

Robert S. Mueller III’s longtime right-hand aide will appear beside him at the witness table during Wednesday’s hearing with the House Judiciary Committee to assist as needed as the former special counsel answers questions about his investigation, a committee official familiar with the hearing said.

The Judiciary Committee signed off on the unusual arrangement after Mr. Mueller made a last-minute request that the aide, Aaron Zebley, be sworn in as a witness alongside him. If Democrats had agreed, lawmakers could have questioned Mr. Zebley directly, potentially upending carefully laid plans by Democrats and Republicans over how to use their scant time with Mr. Mueller.

Instead, as a counsel to Mr. Mueller, Mr. Zebley will not be under oath or theoretically allowed to answer lawmakers’ queries. But he can confer privately with Mr. Mueller, 74, if the former special counsel needs assistance or guidance about how to respond.

Everybody has an opinion as to what questions should be posed to Mueller.

The most obvious ones are:

Did Bill Barr represent the findings of your report accurately? And if not what did he get wrong?

You note multiple instances where Trump obstructed the investigation why did you not suggest an indictment?

Did you expect Congress to use the report to move forward with their own investigations or even impeachment proceedings?

And of course why did you not question Doanld Trump Jr.?

I am anxious to hear the answers to all of these questions and more. 

I will update this post as new information becomes available. 

Update: Where Mueller confirms that Trump refused to sit for an interview despite multiple attempts to arrange one. 

If he had nothing to hide he would have agreed to the interview.

Update 2: Mic drop moment. 

This statement said in a public hearing by the former Special Counsel is causing a GOP freakout. 

Update 3: Another mic drop moment. 

THAT is why Trump needs this investigation to be completely discredited. 

Update 4: Well it’s a good thing he is not watching this today. 

There was no way he was going to skip this. 

Update 5: This was another great moment.

The Republicans tried to get Mueller to walk this back but he would not.