Using his power in the Senate to his advantage.

Courtesy of TPM:

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) strong-armed $914.2 million in federal spending and tax breaks for Kentucky into the recently passed omnibus spending bill — and is making sure Kentuckians know about it.

In the midst of his reelection fight against leading Democratic challenger and veteran Amy McGrath, McConnell touted his Bluegrass state bounty during a recent press conference in Louisville, according to the Hill.

“I saw a commercial from my likely opponent indicating that I was all that was wrong with Washington,” he said. “So I have a question for her here as we go into the new year: In what way would Kentucky have been better off without any of these items that I put in the year-end spending bill?”

Some of those items are pension benefits for coal miners, tax breaks for spirit distilleries and a new veterans medical center. McConnell claimed “direct responsibility” for those perks at the press conference.

I hate to say it, but this is a very effective strategy.

Alaska’s own Ted Stevens used this same tactic time and time again. 

And even though we all knew he was a crook, we forgave him because he brought us new highways, airports, sewage plants, and public schools in far flung parts of the state. 

I have no idea if this will work for McConnell, as he is really despised right now, but it is probably his best bet to sweet talk his way into yet another term in office.