Now that is a horrific murder scene. 

Courtesy of the AP:

A towering “Baby Trump” protest balloon was knifed and deflated by someone unhappy with its appearance during President Donald Trump’s Saturday trip to Alabama, organizers said.

The incident occurred during Trump’s visit to watch the University of Alabama football game. The balloon, which is over 20 feet (6.1 meters) tall, was set up in a nearby park.

Jim Girvan, the organizer of a group that “adopts” out the Trump balloons for protests, said a man charged the balloon with a knife and cut an 8-foot-long (2.4-meter-long) gash in the back.

In a news release, Tuscaloosa police said Hoyt Deau Hutchinson, 32, was arrested and charged with first-degree criminal mischief.

The orange, diaper-clad, cellphone-clutching caricature of the president is often taken to Trump appearances as a way to protest him.

Apparently the criminal is a Trump supporter who announced his plans on Facebook (Of course.).

Couteesy of HuffPo:

Hoyt Hutchinson, 32, was charged with felony first-degree criminal mischief, The Tuscaloosa News reported.

On what appears to be Hutchinson’s Facebook page, he posted a video in which he vowed to “make a scene,” “get rowdy” and “pop” that balloon.

“Y’all watch the news. … You got any balls you’re welcome to join me,” he added. “I’m shaking, I’m so mad right now.“

“Officers observed Hoyt Deau Hutchinson, age 32 of Tuscaloosa, AL, cut into the ‘Baby Trump’ balloon, and then attempt to flee the area,” said a statement from the Tuscaloosa police. “Officers apprehended the suspect and took him into custody on a charge of Criminal Mischief First Degree. Hoyt was transported to Tuscaloosa County Jail where he was held on a $2,500 bond.”

 I would just like to point out that the folks who own this balloon or adopted it, are going to be thrilled with this turn of events. 

For one thing, this incident does nothing less than raise the profile of the protest balloon and ensures that it will be more in demand than ever before. 

It is also easily reparable so it will probably be back in the air in less than a day.

And finally it helped to put a Trump supporter behind bars, and that can only help to keep this country safer. 

All in all it’s a good day for anybody who is not a Trump supporter. 

P.S. If you are wondering what kind of asshole pops a protest balloon, well here let me clear that up for you.

No self-respecting crossdresser would be caught dead wearing those nylons with that obnoxious red t-shirt.