@rickyb901 and I are so excited to welcome TWO little babies into this world! Baby Bailey’s arriving December 2019 ❤️ 🤰🏻 #TWINS

Wow! Not only is Willow having a child AFTER getting married, but she was not even pregnant before the wedding. 

I think that makes her the black sheep of the family. 

We have not really heard anything about Willow since she was married last year the day after her brother was arrested again. 

I will say again that Willow has always been my favorite Palin, mostly due to the fact that she seemed to be over and done with the Palin drama years ago. 

She did have that one moment during the Anchorage brawl where she went full Palin, but for the most part, she has been low key. Even when coerced into appearing in those stupid reality shows. 

I have nothing but kind wishes for her future and hope that she can raise her children as far away from the toxicity of her family as possible.