And it looks like the Prime minister might be next.

Courtesy of CNN:

An Israeli judge has convicted Sara Netanyahu of misusing public funds to pay for meals at the Prime Minister’s residence.

The wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will pay a fine of 55,000 shekels ($15,200) as part of a plea agreement, made public on Wednesday, which judge Avital Chen, of the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, accepted Sunday morning.

After a more serious charge of fraud was dropped, Sara Netanyahu admitted to the lesser offense of exploiting the mistake of another person.

In a short response to the judge’s decision, Sara Netanyahu told the court: “I have suffered enough.”

The case involved the ordering of catered meals delivered to the residence worth a total of 175,000 shekels (just under $50,000), according to the indictment.

The food was ordered by Sara Netanyahu and Ezra Saidoff, the former manager of the residence, and paid for with state funds.

Sara Netanyahu should count her lucky stars that she got off so easy because it is not likely that her husband will be quite so lucky.

Benjamin Netanyahu faces potential charges of bribery and breach of trust in three separate corruption investigations, with Israel’s attorney general calling him for a pre-indictment hearing scheduled for early October.

Unlike America there is no rule saying that a sitting Prime Minister cannot be charged and forced to stand trial while running the country. 

Lucky Israelis. 

Update: Talk about unfortunate timing. 

Just in case you forgot that yet another criminal was pals with Donald Trump.