Courtesy of The Hill:

A meme posted on Facebook by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) asking whether red states or blue states would win a new U.S. civil war has been deleted.

The meme depicting human figures composed of “red” and “blue” states, with King’s state included among the blue ones, was posted on King’s Facebook page on Saturday evening.

“Wonder who would win….,” King added to the meme, followed by a smirking emoji.

“Folks keep talking about another civil war; one side has about 8 trillion bullets while the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use,” the meme reads.

In January, King was stripped of his committee assignments after the publication of a New York Times interview in which he questioned when identifying as a white nationalist or white supremacist “became offensive.”

King’s use of social media was the subject of frequent controversy before the interview, including a tweet in which he said “we can’t restore our civilization with someone else’s babies” and a June 2018 retweet of British white nationalist Mark Collett.

Is it any wonder that King is one of Donald Trump’s favorite members of Congress? 

This is just indefensible, especially at a time when virtually all of the recent terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by conservative white nationalists.