Courtesy of Politico:

President Donald Trump recently spoke to top House Intelligence Republican Devin Nunes about replacements for the country’s intelligence chief — the latest sign that Dan Coats’ tenure may be short-lived.

Nunes, who grabbed national attention with his controversial allegations of Obama administration surveillance abuses, met with Trump and other senior White House officials last week to discuss who could take over for Coats at the Office of Director of National Intelligence, according to three people familiar with the get-together.

Coats has run ODNI since early in the Trump administration, but his job security is the subject of constant speculation, especially after he gave public testimony on North Korea, Iran and Syria that diverged from Trump’s prior comments on the issues. The ODNI chief oversees the government’s intelligence agencies, coordinates the country’s global information-gathering operation and frequently briefs the president on threats each morning.

The meeting between Trump and Nunes has only fueled more chatter about Coats’ departure. The pace of Trump’s discussions with allies about potential replacements has ramped up in recent weeks, the people said.

Nunes participation in this process does not really make any sense, but it has people thinking that he might be about to pull a Dick Cheney and nominate himself for the position:

Because of these similar views, some on Capitol Hill and in the intelligence community think Nunes himself could be in the mix for an intelligence post, even if it’s not at ODNI.

“The president would certainly consider Devin Nunes for the director’s position and I eventually see him serving in some capacity in this administration,” said one member of Congress who speaks to Trump frequently. He noted, however, that he sees “all of Devin’s efforts being directed towards a reelection effort in Congress.”

Having Devon Nunes take over as DNI is the most frightening thing I have heard since I learned that Boris Johnson was Britain’s new Prime Minister. 

Nunes is a total Trump sycophant and views ANY intelligence that does not agree with Trump’s point of view suspect. 

With Nunes at the helm, Trump would never learn of any potential problems that might upset him and that would leave America completely vulnerable to any number of attacks by foreign governments that Trump thinks are his bestest buddies.