Iowa’s longest serving Republican legislator abandons party due to Trump’s “unacceptable behavior.”

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Good for him.

Courtesy of WaPo:

Iowa’s longest-serving Republican legislator, state Rep. Andy McKean, ditched the GOP on Tuesday as he offered a searing renunciation of President Trump, saying he could no longer support Trump as the party’s standard-bearer because of his “unacceptable behavior” and “reckless spending.”

McKean revealed he would join the Democratic Party, a decision he described as “very difficult” after spending nearly a half-century as a registered Republican and 26 years in the legislature. But ultimately, he said, “I feel as a Republican that I need to be able to support the standard-bearer of our party.”

And “unfortunately,” he said, he could not bring himself to support Trump.

“Unacceptable behavior should be called out for what it is,” he said during the news conference at the Iowa Statehouse in Des Moines, “and Americans of all parties should insist on something far better in the leader of their country and the free world.”

McKean joins a growing list of Republicans who are fed up with Donald Trump and are leaving the party.

Now we just need to see this phenomenon spread to Senate Republicans and it might actually make a difference. 

At this point, I simply do not see how ANYBODY can call themselves a Republican, with Donald Trump as their standard bearer. 

But what do I know, after all, I have integrity.

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  1. anonymous April 25, 2019 at 6:55 am

    “Deranged Donald.” It seemed to have stuck, with the hashtag #DerangedDonald trending on Twitter.

    on Wednesday, Conway retweeted MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle’s take on Trump’s bizarre claim that Post reporter Robert Costa was “Fake News” because he described Trump returning his call as calling him.


  2. anonymous April 25, 2019 at 7:03 am

    Buttigieg also has pointed out the “unbelievable” hypocrisy of the religious right for unwavering support of President Donald Trump.

    That group would include Graham, who applies his biblical principles very differently when it comes to Trump, defending him through more than 8,000 documented lies and even dismissing the alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels.

    I’d like to call on Franklin Graham to repent for being a colossal wanker.

    Wake me up when Franklin Graham calls on Donald Trump to repent for being a serial sexual-assaulter and cheater.

    But grabbing women by the pussy, sleeping with a porn star while your wife is pregnant, and lying about a black man’s birth certificate is just fine in Franklin Graham’s version of Christianity.

    Franklin Graham needs to repent for being a bigoted asshole who provided evangelical cover for philandering mobster Donald Trump.

    Pete Buttigieg was born Gay.
    Franklin Graham CHOSE to be a dick.

  3. Anonymous April 25, 2019 at 7:19 am


    Reporters from USA TODAY, its 100-plus affiliated newsrooms and the nonprofit Invisible Institute in Chicago have spent more than a year creating the biggest collection of police misconduct records.

    Obtained from thousands of state agencies, prosecutors, police departments and sheriffs, the records detail at least 200,000 incidents of alleged misconduct, much of it previously unreported.

    “At least 142 cases in Alaska”

  4. Anonymous April 25, 2019 at 9:25 am

    OT? “I recently took a look at Gallup’s World Emotional Temperature thermometer. It’s a survey about how people feel, all over the world. Feel — not just how much they’re making, Instagramming, tweeting, etcetera — but what their lives really feel like. Gallup didn’t quite see it — or maybe didn’t want to talk about it — but the facts say…surprise, surprise: America’s the most stressed out, angriest, and worried country in the rich world — by a very long way. ”
    “Americans are traumatized, en masse.” “the world’s first institutionally traumatized country.” “the textbook definition of trauma is “repeated exposure to one’s own death, or that of loved ones.” American kids are literally being traumatized…just by going to school…where they have to pretend to die…and nobody much seems to care.” “American institutions are traumatizing the littlest, most vulnerable Americans, not by mistake, but by design, and…nobody cares much.
    Why is that?” “Capitalism has been given free rein in America to do whatever it wants. And it turns out that what capitalism wants is, just as thinkers have long suggested, is to prey on people. The more powerless they are, the poorer they are, the more vulnerable they are — the more they get preyed on.”

    “Why doesn’t anybody notice? Why doesn’t anybody care?

    “The answer to that question is even sadder. What happens to someone if they’ve been traumatized long enough? They don’t just consider it normal — they adopt the pose, often of their traumatizer. “If it happened to me — I’m going to do it to you! That way, I can prove to myself that it couldn’t really have been that bad! I feel like the world is fair again! And I feel strong and powerful, too!” “America came to celebrate cruelty, selfishness, greed — in a way the rest of the world finds strange and horrific. ”

  5. anonymous April 25, 2019 at 9:51 am

    Like other authoritarian cultural movements Trumpism promises a national-cultural transformation, psychological uplift, group superiority, personal salvation, and a sense of membership and belonging in an exclusive community for its members and other supporters.

    As a cultural force, Trumpism offers pleasure and joy for its followers and other members of the right-wing as Donald Trump gives permission to torment and commit violent and other harmful acts against “liberals”, “progressives”, “minorities”, “immigrants”, “Muslims”, “the news media” and any other group which he as the leader and they as the followers deem to be “unAmerican” and not sufficiently “loyal” to the “cause” and “the movement”…

  6. Anonymous April 29, 2019 at 10:21 pm

    There’s a lot of that going on. I think one of the Republicans on our city council (which is supposed to be non-partisan) just switched to Independent.

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