She’s a child!

Courtesy of NYT:

An Iowa chemistry teacher was placed on administrative leave after saying on Facebook that he would not attend a rally featuring the climate activist Greta Thunberg because he didn’t “have my sniper rifle,” according to school officials and reports.

The teacher, identified by school officials as Matt Baish, was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, the Waterloo Community School District said in an email to teachers and students, the television station KWWL reported on Friday.

“The nature of the content shared rose to the level of putting this employee on administrative leave pending an investigation,” the district said. “We appreciate your patience as we sort through the details and thank you for respecting the process.”

Mason Severson, 27, a former student of Mr. Baish’s, asked in an Oct. 2 Facebook post who was going to attend a climate strike rally in Iowa City on Friday, and linked to an article with a photo of Ms. Thunberg.

The teacher, Matt Baish, has claimed that he does not even own a sniper rifle and apologized for his post that was “taken too far.” 

“Taken too far?” The man suggested that this young woman should be assassinated for trying to protect his planet. 

She receives death threats almost daily, but you should certainly expect better from a man who educates children. 

Fuck administrative leave, this man needs to be fired immediately.