I’m surprised they didn’t. 

Courtesy of NBC News

The government’s own internal watchdog warned as far back as May that conditions at an El Paso, Texas, border station were so bad that border agents were arming themselves against possible riots, countering Friday’s assertion by a top Trump administration official that reports of poor conditions for migrants were “unsubstantiated.”

In an internal report prepared by the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General and obtained by NBC News, inspectors noted during a May 7 tour of a border station in the El Paso sector that only four showers were available for 756 immigrants, over half of the immigrants were being held outside, and immigrants inside were being kept in cells maxed at over five times their capacity.

Border agents remained armed in holding areas because they were worried about the potential for unrest, the report said.

A cell meant for a maximum of 35 held 155 adult males with only one toilet and sink. The cell was so crowded the men could not lie down to sleep. Temperatures in the cells reached over 80 degrees, the report said.

“With limited access to showers and clean clothing, detainees were wearing soiled clothing for days or weeks,” the report said.

Hell, I would have rioted in response to those conditions as well. 

Quite literally there are better conditions in some animal shelters than what these human beings are being subjected to in these detention centers. 

I imagine that the only reason they did not start a riot is that they knew they would likely be shot dead, and if they survived their participation would be seen as justification for sending them back over the border. 

Perhaps the immigrants are too scared to riot, but there are certainly those protesting on their behalf.

Courtesy of Newsweek:

Over 30 protesters were arrested on Sunday outside a privately managed ICE detention center in New Jersey, which has been used to hold undocumented immigrants. The protesters were part of approximately 150 Jews who staged an action at the Elizabeth Detention Center to protest the treatment and detention of undocumented immigrants.

Invoking the Holocaust, demonstrators described to the conditions in which immigrants are being held as concentration camps and spoke of the immigrant children who have died while in ICE care. The protesters traveled from as far as Seattle and Boston to attend the protest, which was organized by a decentralized group of Jewish activists, along with members of the immigrant rights group Movimiento Cosecha.

A spokesperson for the demonstrators told Newsweek that 36 people had been arrested and estimated that as many as 200 people had participated in the event. The Elizabeth Police Department told Newsweek that over 30 people were arrested outside the prison, which is managed by Core Civic.

There are more protests being planned by other groups all across the country. 

Simply put Americans cannot stomach the idea of allowing Nazi-style concentration camps to exist in this country and they are finally mobilizing to do something about it.